Culture isn’t talking about biblical manhood. But, we are here at Manhood Journey. We talk with a lot of you in person, by phone, through email and social media. One thing I’ve realized is your experience with Manhood Journey (MJ) colors your perspective of what we actually do as a ministry.


For example, if you attended our overnight father-son retreat back in May, then you think all we do is father-son camps. After several discussions with well-meaning folks like yourself, most often I hear from you: “So, what is Manhood Journey and where do I start?”


Great question. Glad you asked. Let me tell you what Manhood Journey is (which will hopefully prove a good reminder for some) and how you can get started intentionally leading yourself, your son and maybe even a group of dads and sons.


Most of what we write and say at MJ applies to everyone. That said, we’re pretty clear. We know the crisis in the world is father absence and “good fathers” who may be present at home but don’t understand biblical manhood and biblical fatherhood enough to be intentional.


What is Manhood Journey?

We’re aimed at this target: helping men be intentional husbands and fathers so we raise the next generation of godly men. This is our whyYes, we have hosted events like Fight Night, Father On Purpose and overnight retreats like Project: MANHOOD. But, at our core, we’re a ministry aimed at helping you intentionally disciple your son through Bible studies—by either you leading your son 1 on 1 or by you leading a group of fathers and sons.


Where do I start?

1. Know the problem of biblical manhood.

If you get nothing from MJ, we wa