Leading Lessons 1 on 1 eGuide

Leading Lessons 1 on 1 eGuide


This guide explores biblical leadership. Leadership that serves others, loves others and puts their needs above our own.

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Teach your son how to lead.

Leadership is a popular topic. For men, it often centers on how to lead a business or sports team. But, as we explore biblical leadership, we see patterns formed by servant leadership, loving others, serving others and putting their needs above our own.

We see that leadership equals service. This guide explores the power of God in our lives and how we as leaders should pray and serve. It draws on the deep well of leadership wisdom from the book of Proverbs.

You can walk with your son through these leadership topics:

  1. Why leaders make rules
  2. Leaders follow first
  3. Power > Leaders learn the art of being humbly influential
  4. Proverbs > Leaders are continually sharpened by wisdom
  5. Prayer > Leaders discover the mind of God
  6. Who wants to lead? Leaders must be shepherds


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Pages: 123

Built for ages 8 to 18.