Five men. Those two words are how I usually start my testimony of God’s grace in my life. Why? Because there are five men that God placed in my life at various times that have been instrumental in becoming the man I am today. I believe their lives hold the keys to how we can start disciple-making today.

Question: Who is your Timothy?


These five men are different from one another; they have unique personalities, different backgrounds, different strengths and weaknesses, and so on. What they all have in common and what’s so important to me is that they were all older than me, wiser than me, more spiritually mature than me—and spent time building into my life.

In short, Jesus called and changed all these men, and in turn, they showed me the value, worth, and how-to of following Jesus Christ. Imagine living like these five men—in your home as a dad and in your church as a leader.

The time, energy, and effort these men put into discipling me is something I do not take for granted. It leads me to praise God for the good work he’s done in my life through these men. It’s funny though how quickly life can get in the way and stop people from doing the vital work of discipleship.

I heard a testimony from a pastor where he shared about getting to interview the guy who discipled him decades later. He was able to ask him questions, share with him about the impact this man had on his life and ministry, and then he asked the final question of what his discipleship looks like now. The man’s face fell as he admitted that the discipleship of younger men was not something he had done in years. It was a slow drift away that ended up taking him away from the impactful ministry he had when he started as a pastor.

If you are an older man who has been following Jesus Christ for decades, there are men in your church, younger men, less mature men, less experienced men, who need to hear from you. God has given you these opportunities to start disciple-making today in your life and church, so I want to encourage you not to neglect the important work of passing on the truth of the gospel of Je