I don’t know if you’ve noticed the gradual and casual change of our lives, but our kids are going through fire. Sometimes our priority may not be our children, but on Satan’s agenda they are number one. Biblical manhood involves cultivating, embracing and exercising spiritual leadership. If we don’t do it, who will? Learn to tell these three stories and you’ll turn your failures into wins. 

Question: When is the last time you told these three stories?


I believe the core of the problem within our society is that too few men within the church are engaging the world. We simply don’t have examples of godly men around us. 

Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example instead of his advice. Robert E. Coleman from the book Master Plan of Evangelism said it well, “It is good to tell people what we mean, but it is infinitely better to show them. People are looking for a demonstration, not an explanation.”

If we want a strong church, we cannot assume men will magically show up. We have to encourage men, equip men, go after men, and find men who are strong in faith (1 Cor. 16:13). 

Are you really authentic?

Our idea of men’s ministry is to provide food, sports or entertainment while we dance around men’s deepest problems without actually addressing them. Yet everywhere I go today, I find men who suffer from crushed masculinity. There is a sense of poor fathering, lack of affirmation, bullying, family rejection, inferiority or some form of abuse. Their manhood did not develop properly.

They are men on the outside, but inside they are wounded boys who are afraid to tell anyone how they feel. We must somehow, someway engage with men who are desperately in need of the great commission mandate. 


Probably not.

I believe one reason why the church has so little influence in the world is because the world has so much influence over the church. God calls men like you and me in the mids