Let’s aim to be more godly husbands and fathers. These quotes will give you qualities of a good father to help guide you.

My hope is that these quotes will inspire and challenge you as a husband and dad. Use these qualities of a good father to reflect and consider your role. Take stock in the good, the bad and the ugly—and resolve to be a godly dad.

These quotes will help motivate you—from dealing with anger—to feeling disconnected from your child. These are ten struggles most dads face and an inspiring quote to help you.

Read them. Share them. Let them sink in to your heart. If you want to go deeper in any one of these ten quotes, we have entire Field Guides on every topic.

#1 Feel angry all the time?

If you’re like the dads we hear from often, you walk around feeling angry all the time. You can learn to inject grace and peace into your family.

Angers Antidote FB  

#2 Feel like culture’s pulling your child away.

There is a war going on. If you aren’t fighting it—you’re losing. You can win the battle between culture and your child.

Culture Wars FB

#3 You feel distant from your child.

You can learn how to connect with your child like never before.

Common Ground FB


#4 You’re living with failure and regret?

You don’t have to live in your past failure or walk around with regret.

Removing Doubt FB


#5 You’re not sure whether you’re winning or losing as a dad?

You can learn to help you decide if you’re winning or losing—and how you can actually win.

Keeping Score FB


#6 Your child feels distant from you.

You can break the barriers and pull your child closer by asking smarter questions.

Breaking Barriers FB


#7 You’re fighting the wrong enemy.

There is an enemy. It’s not who you’re fighting now. Learn to fight the right enemy so you win the real war.

Wrong Enemy FB


#8 You feel overwhelmed and unfocused in your home and life.

You can be intentional at home and in life.

Focused Father FB


#9 You’ve failed in the past.

You can turn your past failures into gospel conversations.

Making Lemonade FB


#10 You don’t have enough energy for work and home.

You can have enough energy to thrive at work and home.

Power Plant FB