Making Lemonade [Field eGuide]

Making Lemonade [Field eGuide]

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Don’t waste your failures—use them to point to God.

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Making Lemonade: Turning Past Failures into Gospel Opportunities

5 reasons you’ll love this Field Guide:

1/ Quick read: You can read this guide in an hour or two. Unless, you’re a really slow reader. Then, it’ll be, like three.
2/ Single issue: Let’s be honest, most of us guys do better if we just focus on one thing at a time. Just sayin.
3/ Well written: Pastors, business leaders and gifted communicators poured great wisdom into the guides.
4/ Super cheap, nay, inexpensive: Grow as a godly dad for the price of a lunch, and support Manhood Journey. Win-win.
5/ Instant access: Since it’s an eBook, you can have them right away, to counteract bad-dad-emergencies. Just don’t expect it to be firewood. PDFs make bad kindling, historically speaking.

What’s in the Making Lemonade Field Guide? You’ll learn:

  • Do Your Failures Disqualify You?
  • Your Failures are Lenses
  • Sharing the Gospel Through Failures 
  • Additional Resources

About the author: Jonathan Hayashi, M. A.
Jonathan Hayashi (B.A. and M.A., Moody Theological Seminary) is a Pastoral staff leader at Troy First Baptist Church in Troy, MO. He is also a Doctoral student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jonathan enjoys reading, writing, teaching and speaking in his spare time. God has tremendously blessed Jonathan with his wonderful wife, Kennedi, and they live with their two beautiful daughters in the Greater St. Louis area.

About the editor: Ryan J. Sanders, M. Div.
Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. He’s married to Tonia and they have two daughters and one son. He lives in Reston, Virginia, serves as Lay Pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, D.C. and is a diehard Washington Redskins fan.

Format: electronic PDF; mobile; to be used on any device and anywhere.