Kent Evans recently sat down with Matt Morgan—author of the Field Guide Anger’s Antidote. In this post, not only will you learn more about Matt and his heart for dads, but you’ll get more of a feel for what’s in his field guide to help you overcome anger as a dad.

Sit in on the conversation via zoom and be encouraged while learning more about how to tackle the issues of anger. Let’s jump in and learn more about Matt, snag key takeaways from his Field Guide and additional resources to help you deal with anger.

About the author > Matt Morgan, M. Div.
Matt’s been married to Tricia for 17 years and they have five kids. He serves as Lead Pastor at Reston Community Church just west of Washington, DC. Matt has a BS in Psychology from Mary Washington College and a Master of Divinity in Practical Theology from Regent University. He loves music, working with his hands and being around water as often as possible. Matt teaches weekly at Reston Community Church. You can also find Matt on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, let’s dive in to the conversation between Manhood Journey’s fierce founder, Kent Evans, and Anger’s Antidote author, Matt Morgan.

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3 takeaways from the interview & the book
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