Manhood Myths Group eGuide [Trail Life]


Do you know the four Manhood Myths? This guide will help your Trail Life Troop discuss the four lies to which men fall prey. Click here to learn more about the Manhood Myths Trail Life Guide.

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Teach your troop biblical manhood.

You and your son are bombarded with lies from the enemy. These lies come in some attractive forms and are often disguised behind honorable pursuits.

This guide helps you discuss four lies to which men fall prey, and how to expose them by becoming biblical “lie detectors.”

In this guide, father and son will learn how to be Bible-smart lie detectors and walk through the four (4) manhood myths:

Myth #1 > Men are always strong and don’t ask for help

Myth #2 > Success is having more or doing better than others

Myth #3 > No one should impose his beliefs on anyone else

Myth #4 > God wants us to always be happy

Do you know how to handle these myths? Are you confident enough to lead a troop of other fathers and sons through them? No worries. We can help.

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