All Group and 1 on 1 eGuides Bundle

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This bundle is twelve (12) of our popular eGuides for one low price. They’re created for you to know what to say and when to say it when it comes to biblical manhood. PDF’s are mobile; to be used on any device, anywhere.


All eGuides Bundle > 12 Bible Study Guides. One Great Price.

Learn more about each guide in this group bundle:

1. Embarking 1 on 1 and Group Guides

Want to be an intentional dad? You just need to start. This is your start. If you struggle to point your son in the right direction in this crazy world, our Embarking Guides are the biblical manhood compass. The Embarking Guides are the starting point for all fathers and sons. It will help you and your group get oriented to five key areas of biblical manhood. Here’s what you can expect from the entire Embarking Guides:

  1. Preparing for the journey > The “Five Big Rocks”
  2. Setting out on the journey
  3. Relying on the compass > a godly man trust
  4. Seeking guidance along the way >
    1. A godly man knows His Word
    2. A godly man prays fervently
  5. Encountering others along the way >
    1. A godly man build relationships
    2. A godly man serves others
  6. W