Most dads say they are unsure where to begin and feel inadequate in setting the right example. In this post we will look at how important it is to seek forgiveness as part of climbing out of failure.


This is where you can learn to see God work in your life. If you’re trying to be a godly dad—maybe you need to start with forgiving yourself.

To climb out of your failure, you need to seek forgiveness from your child, God and yourself. This post is all about learning to forgive yourself.

Question: Do you find it easier to ask for forgiveness or to forgive someone else?

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Note, this three-part series isn’t in a particular order—but there are three essential people you ultimately need to ask forgiveness from. We’ve talked about seeking forgiveness from your child and seeking forgiveness from God.

Let’s turn now to another essential person we must ask forgiveness from—yourself.

The third person you should seek forgiveness from: Yourself.

The hardest thing to do is forgive ourselves. This explains why we have a hard time believing that God forgives. We can’t forgive ourselves for what we said, so why should we expect God to?

But then again, maybe we don’t need to forgive ourselves. After all, isn’t the important thing that God forgave us, and our child forgave us too?

Yes, that’s important, but it’s critical that we follow through and forgive ourselves. Forgiveness means the offense has been removed by the other person. When God forgives, my sin is no longer a barrier in my relationship with Him.

But as long as I hold on to the offense, I can’t move forward. I am too busy punishing myself to get on with building my relationship with God and my child.