Forgiveness. That’s it. Forgiveness is the remedy to your doubts about your role as a father. In this post we will talk about the 3 people you should seek forgiveness from.

I hope the concept of forgiveness doesn’t sound foreign to you, but unfortunately, it does to some. Too many in our ranks never heard their own fathers apologize or ask for forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the way forward; the path to transforming into the father you want to be.

If you never heard your father apologize, you can break the chain. Teach your own child what an apology sounds like; teach them the value of a repentant heart.

To climb out of your failure, you need to seek forgiveness from three people. Let’s talk about the first one now.

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Note, this three-part series isn’t in a particular order—but they are three essential people you ultimately need to ask forgiveness from.

First person you should seek forgiveness from: Your child.

You blew it. No matter how minor it seemed—or how grievous— you need to apologize to your child.

However you phrase it, make sure you clearly say these words:

  • “I did __________.” Be specific.
  • “I was wrong to do that.”
  • “Will you forgive me?
  • “I love you.”

There is one word you are not to use: “But.”

  • “I did such and such, but…”
  • “I was wrong, but…”