Imagine mothers and daughters joining together for a creative biblical experience to disciple and engage other mothers and daughters across the country. We’re helping launch Heart of Womanhood, a national resource for mother-daughter discipleship, and need your help!


In this post, let’s peak at what’s inside the Heart of Womanhood Bible study experience and share feedback from moms and daughters who have tested this helpful resource.


As you review this post, my hope is you’ll want this resource for mother-daughter discipleship for yourself (or for your wife and daughter) and help us reach as many moms and daughters as we can across the nation. And if you’re a dad out there, check out our other resources that talk about biblical manhood and how to be the father and husband God has called you to be.






How you can help this mother-daughter ministry launch? We have three ideas:

1. Pray

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What’s in a typical Heart of Womanhood bible study session? 

There are seven (7) elements in every Heart of Womanhood session:

1) Prepare Your Heart 

As your session gets ready to start, the “warm-up” period is the perfect time for snacks or coloring your Scripture Page.


2) PorTRAIT Bible Study

The entire PORTRAITS Bible study is designed to be your self-guided journey through biblical womanhood. By studying the portraits of godly women from God’s Word, your own portraits will be transformed.


3) Praise

Whether you sing, say or write the classic hymn included in each lesson within your portfolio, these songs of praise will connect our hearts to God and our past heritage to our future legacy.

We had so much fun and could hardly wait for what the next week unveiled! —Whitney H., Louisville, KY

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4) Project

Applying truth to real life is a primary element in embracing biblical womanhood. Each lesson includes practical life skills or hands on projects designed to emphasize the truths we’ve just studied.


This study is the highlight of our week. Such a special time spent together with my daughter. —Christina S., Louisville, KY


5) Parent Chat

Your Portfolio includes guided, personalized discussion prompts for moms and mentors to share with their daughters.

This study fosters priceless connections between moms and daughters, and it bears fruit for life! —Gila J., Louisville, KY

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6) Picture-Perfect Ending

Close each lesson with a circle of prayer. Sharing your Proverbs theme verse, hymn, and holy hug will add the finishing touches to your Heart of Womanhood experience!


7) Personalized Heartwork (Daily Homework) 

This is where God will carve His truths into your heart.


Would you consider helping?

1. Pray

2. Give. Every $1 matters.

3. Share on social media and by email to three (3) of your friends.


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