It wasn’t a moment, it was a couple of years starting in 2016, God placed this stirring upon my heart. I remember feeling irritated from my own lack of making disciples in my home and in my church. I was frustrated at how we call programs and preaching discipleship as an end—instead of a part. It made no sense to me. This journey led me to look at the Gospel and the Gospel changed me to be a radical dad.


Curiosity led to a biblical method


I began to ask these fundamental questions:

  • What is a Christian?
  • What does discipleship mean?
  • How does one live this out if he’s not a pastor?

This motivated me to write a book called Ordinary Radicals. There was an increasing concern as a pastor for my church and for our people to answer these questions. It is important for the body of Christ to relearn lessons of basic Christian discipleship.


A return to Christ-centered discipleship


Today, there is so much confusion about disciplining our childrenDiscipleship has often been made so complex that Christians feel as if they are not adequate enough to teach their kids. Discipleship is simple and straightforward for the ordinary fathers such as you and I. We are called to disciple and equip them as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Biblical fatherhood knows that making disciples starts by being faithful to the gospel. Christian parents must ignite this vision as we articulate and embrace within the Christian community. Discipleship is centering around the person of Jesus. Making disciples who make disciples ought to be the normal Christian life. This task is not reserved only for “radical” Christians who get their act together. Disciple-making is NOT as Daniel Im would say, “The sage on the stage, but a guide on the side.” You’re walking alongside your children—pointing them toward Christ.