Christian fathers are under attack, and the enemy comes at them in many different ways. Over the last few years, we’ve asked dads to share their greatest fatherhood challenges. We’ve collected and catalogued almost 2,000 answers to this question.

Let’s review the challenges. The insights are powerful and helpful to those of us aiming to be more godly husbands and fathers. Also, knowing these issues will help us connect with the guys we know so we can help them lead themselves and their families well.



Question: What’s your biggest challenge as a dad right now?



The research on fatherhood challenges.

Over the last three (3) years, we’ve asked dads, “What’s your biggest challenge as a dad right now?” We left the field open so dads could comment their thoughts in their own words.

What you find in this post comes from Kent and I drinking lots of coffee, holding numerous high-level meetings in person, via video calls, text messages and tons of emails asking ourselves, “What can we do with these powerful responses?!” So, we decided to extrapolate every single response, place said responses in a spreadsheet, bucket-ize all the responses (I know, technical terms) into categories, and order the number of instances the same challenge showed up.

What came out of this process was 1,929 total responses, 63 tagged issues, eight (8) major groups, and four (4) core challenges. 

Why talk about the fatherhood challenges?

My hope is by seeing these challenges listed out—they will inspire and challenge you as a husband and dad. Use these fatherhood challenges to self-assess. Get help and learn to overcome your current struggle. Then, commit to helping another dad overcome his struggle. Consider sharing this post to start the conversation. Take stock in the good, the bad and the ugly of your role as a husband and father—and resolve to be the guy who overcomes these challenges.

Most importantly, know you are not alone. For each of