Face it. Talking with our kids is tough. And it sometimes doesn’t get easier with age. The topics just get harder. We’ve had many dads tell us communicating with their kids is their biggest challenge. Is there a way us dads can prevent bad communication from happening altogether? Here’s a sampling of how they’ve said it:


  • “Not relating to my 16 year old daughter. We are good together, no real problems there, but there is definitely a lack of deep communication.”
  • “Communication: aligning my intentions with my words and getting through to our three year old daughter.”
  • “Effective communication in a world of texts,  tweets and snapchats.”

Can you relate? Probably. What if you had some biblical underpinning to your approach to communication? I want to cover six (6) warnings the Bible gives us. I’ve found these helpful as I communicate with my kids.


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We talked recently about 6 strategies for more meaningful talks with your child. Those strategies were your to-do list. Now, for the “watch out” list. Though land mines and traps await the unwary father, the following checklist will help you sidestep them during your talks.

Here are six (6) biblical warnings to prevent communication fail