Forever. The honest answer is: forever. It will take forever to disciple your son. When you think you’re done. You aren’t. Keep going. Dont stop. That’s my answer.  You need more details?  Understood.


Maybe you haven’t heard, but we have these 1 on 1 and Group Guides designed to give you ideas and a structure for having meaningful conversations with your son.  


Here are a few parameters we use in our guides to help you with a basic structure:

  • Weekly scheduled times tend to be a great way to make the time happen. We provide you with lesson plans that put you in the drivers’ seat. We call them guides intentionally. We help guide you and your son to engage in discussions about godly manhood together.
  • Each session contains more content than you need. You know your son better than us. Use the ideas, discussions, and questions that best work for you and your son based on his age, personality, temperament and understanding.
  • We like to say, “each session can take as long as it takes”.  By that we mean, time frames for each activity are purposely not included because one of the main goals of our guides is to help you hang out and talk with your son rather than work through a set, rigid agenda. That said each session is divided into four main sections creating a framework for intentionally discipling your son. Discussions can usually take approximately 45-60 minutes, but that time frame doesn’t account for tossing a football in the yard, playing basketball, and extended discussions.