I get it. The stuff we talk about here on the blog sounds great. But, you have questions. We hear you. In this post, I’ll do my best to answer three of the questions we get often when it comes to discipling your son.


The  questions usually come at me in an email or by phone from a well-meaning dad who says something like this: “I want to intentionally disciple my son. But I’m busy. How much time will it take? What supplies do I need? How much will it cost?”


Well, you’ve come to the right post. These are great questions and I’m going to do my best to answer all three of these questions right here. You’re welcome in advance. 


#1 How much time will discipling my son take?


Forever. The honest answer is: forever. It will take forever to disciple your son. When you think you’re done. You aren’t. Keep going. Dont stop. That’s my answer.  You need more details?  Understood.


Maybe you haven’t heard, but we have these 1 on 1 and Group Guides designed to give you ideas and a structure for having meaningful conversations with your son.  


Here are a few parameters we use in our guides to help you with a basic structure:

  • Weekly scheduled times tend to be a great way to make the time happen. We provide you with lesson plans that put you in the drivers’ seat. They’re called guides for a reason as we help you and your son to engage in discussions about biblical manhood together.
  • Each session contains more content than you need. You know your son better than us. Use the ideas, discussions, and questions that best work for you and your son based on his age, personality, temperament and understanding.
  • We like to say, “each session can take as long as it takes”.  By that we mean, time frames for each activity are purposely not included because one of the main goals of our guides is to help you hang out and talk with your son rather than work through a set, rigid agenda. That said each session is divided into four main sections creating a framework for intentionally discipling your son. Discussions can usually take approximately 45-60 minutes, but that time frame doesn’t account for tossing a football in the yard, playing basketball, and extended discussions. 

So, most weeks, an hour per week or less would do wonders. Multiply that one hour per week by forever and you’ll be intentionally discipling your son. Seriously, work to take advantage of the time you have together to build memories as you build up your son early and often. 


#2 What supplies will I need for discipling my son?


We recommend standing ready and armed with the five vital principles in your mind. From there, you’ll want to have at least these tools:

Five vital principles:

  • Willing heart and desire > The most important thing you need is a willing heart, a desire for your son to become a godly man. This will show through to your son—regardless of what happens.
  • Notebook and pen > Beyond your willing heart and desire, a notebook and pen for yourself and your son would be helpful. You can use a notebook in every session for note taking, illustrations and more. Also, whatever notebook you use will become like journals of your journey together. They will become keepsakes for both of you, like commemorative markers along the trail that will remind you in years to come of what God was doing in your life at this point in the journey.
  • Bible > You and your son should each have your own Bible, whether it’s a traditional printed Bible or a Bible app on your phone or other device. Some shorter Scripture passages are provided in our guides, but for most of the main passages, only references are given. It’s extremely valuable for you and your son to look these up in your Bibles.
  • Daily Bible reading plans > We’ve partnered with YouVersion to create four Bible reading plans specifically for you to be more intentional as a dad.

#3 How much will discipling my son cost?


Great question. You can do this for free. Schedule a time like #1 from this post. Grab the stuff from #2 in this post. Bam. Go forth and conquer. Many dads can do this well. Now, for the dad who wants to not reinvent the wheel and go with some trusted advisers and wise counsel who’ve gone before you, that’s where Manhood Journey resources come in. Basically, we didn’t skip leg day. We’ve done the work of planning so you’re intentional from the start. We tell you what to say and when to say it.


We have two prices and they each depend on whether you want to do this discipleship thing 1 on 1 with just you and your son or if you want to get other dads and sons together in a small group.

2 Types of Guides:

  • 1 on 1 GuidesWith our 1 on 1 guides, each week for six weeksyou and your son can get together to talk about a topic on biblical manhood and do activities together. Throughout the week, you’ll use your 1 on 1 guide with your son to share experiences together and take things to a more personal level. 1 on 1 Guides are $9.99 each. We have six different topics ranging from biblical truths, manhood myths, to work responsibility and servant leadership. 
  • Group Guides > For six weeks, you and your group can get together to talk about a topic on biblical manhood and do activities together. Group Guides are $19.99 each. We have seven different topics from biblical truth, servant leadership and money.

Why am I writing about all of this?

Well, #1 because you’ve asked. But #2, the world will tell you that you can’t be a godly father. That you aren’t good enough, smart enough or your son doesn’t like you.


But we’re here to tell you you can. You can intentionally disciple your son. God changes hearts. Just like He can change your heart, He can change your sons’ heart. You can learn and model biblical fatherhood to your family. You can lead your son, we’ll be here ready to help you with tips, tools, resources and events along the way. 


Additional MJ Resources


We have several tools to help you disciple your child 1 on 1 or in a group. Visit our Resources Page for the full gamut but check out a few highlighted below.