Being a godly father is war. It always has been. We can help you with weapons and tools to fight this battle and win. From eBooks to digital courses to bible study guides, we’re a Biblical Fatherhood armory. Stock up.

Digital Courses

Online courses allow you to learn at your own pace and grow in key areas as a dad.

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Study Guides

Simple, easy-to-use tools to lead a Bible study with an individual or small group.

Disciple an Individual

You know a young man who you’d like to more intentionally disciple. Our 1 on 1 Discussion Guides are just what you need. You can download a PDF, or order resplendent (again, boom!) hardcopies from our publisher.

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Lead a Group

You are ready to launch a small group. All you need are the tools. Our Group Discussion Guides are the perfect thing for you. You can download a PDF, or order pulchritudinous (yeah, we said that) hardcopies from our publisher.

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