That’s right. Kent and I labored in love for 137 blog posts this year. We had almost 30,000 views and now have right at 8,000 subscribers to this blog. Thanks to you all for following along to learn about Manhood Journey and intentional fatherhood.

For this post, I had fun looking back over our year together. Without further delay, these are the top seven blog posts for 2017 based on page views.



I think we had a nice year of posts. I trust you feel the same seeing the amount of traffic to these most popular Manhood Journey and intentional fatherhood posts.

3 mistakes that are killing your evening (and maybe even your marriage and fathering).jpg

#1: 3 mistakes sabotaging your evening (maybe your marriage & fathering)

I wrote this in mid-September and it’s the top post. Maybe it’s the word “sabotaging” that makes this post interesting. I’m going to take the traffic to mean we struck a chord related to being a godly husband and father.

I’ll give you the three mistakes right here. But, you have to read the full post for the full details. 


Mistake #1 > Not creating a buffer between work and home.

Mistake #2 > Not unplugging and living in the moment.

Mistake #3 > Not closing the night strong.



3 things the awesome husband does.jpg

#2: Do these 3 things today and you’ll be an awesome husband. Guaranteed.

For this post, we took an informal poll of wives and moms. No pressure. But, these wives and moms were YOUR wives and the moms of YOUR kids. : )

We asked: What one or two things does your husband do that you find really helpful?

The top responses, by far, were as follows:

1. My husband prays for me.

2. My husband encourages me.

3. My husband grocery shops for me.

I hash each of these three things out in the post Do these 3 things today and you’ll be an awesome Husband. Guaranteed. You have to read the full post.




10 books that will teach you how to be a godly husband and father.jpg

#3: 10 essential books for how to be a godly husband and father

In case you missed it, I begged you to read these 10 essential books for how to be a godly husband and father before picking up the next Grisham novel. Not that there’s anything wrong with Grisham.


You know the drill. You have to click to the post to see the list of 10 books. 



7 secrets of the ultimate husband and father.jpg

#4: 7 secrets of the ultimate husband and father

This post continued the trajectory of writing on being a better husband and father. If you recall, I encouraged you to not read the list and try to fix everything in one day.


I asked that you pick one “secret” and get to work. Check out the 7 secrets of the ultimate husband and father if you haven’t already. Or let me know how it’s going. 





#5: The five vital principles for intentionally discipling your son

Well, when it comes to  intentionally discipling your son, as the title implies, these are “vital” and they’re “principles”. There’s also five of them. In this post, I recall one dads’ response that struck me. He said, talking about his son, “I wish we had the type of relationship in which I could speak into his life.” 


Here’s the deal, do these five things. If you invest your time in doing these five vital principles, you’ll be intentionally discipling your son. You can thank me later.




5 big rocks embarking.jpg

#6: 5 “big rocks” of a godly man

We call them the five “big rocks” of a godly man. Like a well-balanced diet, these five things are quintessential for the godly man. But, why do we need to lead our sons on a journey into godly manhood? Won’t it happen on its own? No. It won’t.


Imagine a world where instead of your son being influenced by friends,  TV, video games, music and more—what if your son’s manhood was found in Christ’s model of manhood.




#7: The four manhood myths we must stop teaching our sons right now

We are bombarded with lies from the enemy every day. For us to grow into more authentic, godly men, we must be able to distinguish truth from lie—so we can teach that truth to our sons.


Here are the four myths we must stop teaching our sons right now:

Manhood Myth #1: Men are always strong and don’t ask for help.

Manhood Myth #2: Success is having more or doing better than others.

Manhood Myth #3: No one should impose his beliefs on anyone else.

Manhood Myth #4: God wants us to always be happy.



Which one of these seven Manhood Journey and intentional fatherhood posts was your favorite from 2017?  You can always email or tweet @ManhoodJourney. If you found one of these top post or another post helpful, would you consider giving a tax-deductible gift to the ministry?






Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have two daughters and one son. He lives in Reston, Virginia, serves at McLean Bible Church as a regional leader and is a diehard Washington Redskins fan. Learn more about Ryan here and find him on Twitter @RyanSanders.