What do you allow to define you?

That’s the question the newest film from the Kendrick Brothers asks.

I’ll cut to the chase. This film is awesome.

I want you to know about it.

I want you to watch the trailer.

I want you to get pumped for August 23rd like I am.

Then I want you to download the free Parent Primer that goes along with the film. The download helps moms and dads have some serious talks with their children.

Question: What do you allow to define you?


About Overcomer

You probably know The Kendrick Brothers from Courageous, Fireproof, War Room, Facing the Giants or Flywheel. If you know them, then you know why you need to see OVERCOMER.


If you don’t know the Kendrick Brothers work, then you need to watch the trailer of their newest film that comes out August 23rd in theaters.

These guys are the real deal. I met Alex and Stephen Kendrick over a weekend last November. Here’s our pic to prove it!

Alex Kendrick and I during the special screening of OVERCOMER at the annual Fatherhood CoMission 2018.


The Kendrick Brothers hosted a special pre-release, extended screening of OVERCOMER. Basically, you need to read into this that I’m cool and you should listen to me and do what I say in this post! : )


Overcomer stars

  • Alex Kendrick
  • Priscilla Shirer
  • Aryn Wright-Thompson

And well, you gotta see the trailer!

I’ll tell you more in the coming weeks about the powerful themes in the film related to identity, worth and fatherhood. But for now, watch the trailer, share it and snag the free resource in this post.


Watch Overcomer trailer

It’s tough to find a family movie in theaters these days. But, when OVERCOMER opens in theaters August 23, you will experience a family film that not only is fun—but also inspiring. The newest movie from the Kendrick Brothers, dares to leave you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and asks the question: what do you allow to define you? If you have trouble viewing the video below, visit here to watch.




Snag Overcomer Parent Primer for free

“When you find your identity in the One who created you, it will change your whole perspective.” That powerful truth sets the course for OVERCOMER. And no matter your age—or the age of your children—the message will hit home.

Check out the Parent Primer Guide and many other helpful and free resources available at OvercomerMovie.com that will help you talk with kids about the issues and importance of identity—especially your chid’s identity in Christ.

With specific call-outs for kids in elementary, middle and high school, this practical guide helps parents understand the unique challenges children face related to their identity.


In theaters August 23rd

Learn more here and take your small group or church to see it as early as August 5th — go here for group details.