Dad Discussion Kit: Embarking

Dad Discussion Kit: Embarking

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The Dad Discussion Kit: Embarking is everything a dad needs to rock his small group experience at his church!

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Dad Discussion Kit: Embarking – Everything you need to engage your son in biblical conversations at your church!

Want to be an intentional dad? You need to start. This is your start. If you struggle to teach your son biblical truth in this crazy world, our Dad Discussion Kit: Embarking is the biblical manhood compass.

5 reasons you’ll love Dad Discussion Kit: EMBARKING:

1/ Needed for your group: your church will launch, and you’ll need this first night…
2/ Hardcopy: you’ll get a physical book. Use it as a reference of to take your discussion to the next level.
3/ Digital copy: you get a digital version you can use any where and at any time. Just don’t try and use it as kindling.
4/ Coaching by email: we distill the learnings from hundreds of other dads and give you amazing prep content delivered right to your inbox.
5/ Affordable: it’s priced right, so your costs per session are inexpensive—less than the cost of a night out!

What’s included in the kit?

Embarking 1 on 1 Guide (Hardcopy & Digital)

Want to be an intentional dad? You just need to start. This is your start. If you struggle to point your son in the right direction in this crazy world, our Embarking Guide is the biblical manhood compass. The Embarking Guide is the starting point for all fathers and sons. It will help you get oriented to five key areas of biblical manhood.

Here’s what you can expect from the entire Embarking Guide—you’ll learn the “Five Big Rocks” of a godly man:
1/ a godly man TRUSTS GOD
2/ a godly man KNOWS HIS WORD
3/ a godly man PRAYS FERVENTLY
5/ a godly man SERVES OTHERS

This module will get you talking with straightforward questions and easy-to-tackle subject matter.

Coaching: “Dad Bootup Series (On-going)

Revive invaluable coaching and tips to help you prepare well. Leading your son is a piece of cake. We tell you want to say, when to say it and how to say it.

Keeping Score Field Guide (Digital)

The question is not will our kids follow our example. The question is, what example are we giving them to follow? In this Field Guide, you’ll learn:

  • What Game Are You Playing?
  • Are We Competent? 
  • Know When You’re Winning 
  • Are You Still in the Game?
  • Additional Resources 

Format: hard copy book is printed and will be mailed to you; digital version is mobile; to be used on any device. All other resources will be electronic and can be referenced on any device.