Embarking Group eGuide [Trail Life USA]

Embarking Group eGuide [Trail Life USA]

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Want to lead you Trail Life USA Troop through Manhood Journey’s Embarking Guide? Start here.

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Teach your troop biblical truth.

The Embarking module is the starting point for all troops. This guide, created for Trail Life USA, will help you and your guys get oriented to five key areas of biblical manhood – the five “big rocks” we must be sure to pack first on our journey.

Here’s what you can expect from the entire group guide:

  1. Preparing for the journey > The “Five Big Rocks”
  2. Setting out on the journey
  3. Relying on the compass > a godly man trust
  4. Seeking guidance along the way >
    1. A godly man knows His Word
    2. A godly man prays fervently
  5. Encountering others along the way >
    1. A godly man build relationships
    2. A godly man serves others
  6. We have embarked—where to next?

This module will get the fathers and sons talking with straight forward questions and easy-to-tackle subject matter.

If you want more information on leading a troop, check out our Leader Survival Guide for Trail Life USA.

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Full-Length 6-Week Study Guide