Knowing how to be a good father isn’t easy. Most dads tell us they’re not sure where to start. Preparing for the journey is tough. Our role at Manhood Journey is to help dads become disciple makers. We want to equip you with four survival tips for helping more dads become disciple makers. This series of posts will help you move from “I’m not sure where to start” to “I got this. I know what I have to do to lead dads well.”

The four survival tips for helping church leaders train dads are: 

#1 Preparing for the journey: getting the vision and the heart right for this series to give you father son bible study ideas.

#2 Before you embark: where to start, what roles you’ll need, and some other details you need to know before actually starting.

#3 Setting sail: everything from room setup, how to train other leaders, and other vital details to get right.

#4 Keeping the journey going: once you start, be ready to know when you’ll break, when you’ll return, and how you’ll keep the journey going.

Let’s talk about preparing for the journey.


Note: this series is for helping church leaders engage dads. We hope you’re already leading dads. But, if you aren’t yet leading dads—start today! Or, at least share this post with a church leader you know.

Help church leaders train dads on how to be a good father

Our society – and our churches – are suffering greatly due to disengaged and often absent fathers. One of the best ways to help is to get a dad into the disciple-making driver’s seat and help him be the spiritual leader in his home. This targeted approach has ripple effects that creates better marriages, more engaged men in your church, and more spiritually healthy homes.

Our Church Leader Survival Guide will be your handy c