How to win at work and home by taking care of your body.

One dad, when asked what his biggest challenge was, said:

“Motivation. It’s easy to just come home, sit on the couch and watch TV.”

I get it. It’s easy to disengage.

But, I believe God is calling us to something bigger. I think God seriously wants our motivations to be in proper order. 

If we can address these physical matters, we can have enough energy to thrive at work and home. 

Question: What’s your diet and exercise been like today?


We know the physical and spiritual are closely intertwined. But how? Well, as you know if you’ve read my last few posts, I’m nothing if not practical.

I want to know what works and what doesn’t. I don’t want someone to tell me my kids should be the most important part of my day, to point out the lies I hang onto, and then to leave me hanging without some practical tips of what to do to help.

I’ve promised NOT be the guy who leaves you hanging. This post is habit three of six. Six habits of what I think are the most practical habits we most often overlook.

The point is to give you practical habits you can implement in your life so you have the energy you need for both work and home.

The first habit was finding rest. We simply need to get more rest. I believe we can operate as we are called to by God if we get some of these practical steps in order with our physical lives.

The next habit was drinking enough water. We can’t operate at optimum performance if we aren’t properly hydrated—and most of us aren’t doing this well. Ask your doctor! So, next is…

Take care of your body with exercise and healthy eating

I had a rude awakening a couple years ago with one aspect of my health—my teeth. I went to the dentist for a check-up after what had been an embarrassingly long gap between visits.

I figured they would do thei