To the church-going dad – An open letter.

Note from Ryan Sanders: Tim Owen saw the note at the end of most of our guest posts and emailed me. He also did the godly thing and asked me to lunch at Chick-fil-a. Tim made the drive to me and we talked. I’m sharing this post with you because I found Tim to be the dad we want more of here at Manhood Journey. Dads who’ll buy Kent and me lunch and coffee.


I’m kidding. Let me tell you about Tim. Tim has four kids—about to be 5. He leads his church and a Trail Life USA group with his boys. In all that spare time he has, he pours into men—always writing, speaking and mentoring. I’ll shut up and point you to Tim’s letter to the church-going dad. But I wanted you to have some context on Tim. My entire lunch with Tim was him pointing me back to the Bible on any given subject. I want more Tim’s in my world and I want the same for you! I thank God for him, his time in connecting with me, his writing this post and most importantly, his pointing me to God through his words and actions.


Read this post and be encouraged and challenged. God is at work raising godly dads. 


Romans 10 quotes Isaiah 52 in a message about carrying the gospel. “Happy are the feet upon the mountain of those who bring good news.” We can pray the Lord of the harvest send out workers. He will. And those workers, in these last days will suffer. They will give up family and home, go to uncharted places in darkness and face evil like we have never seen nor can remotely comprehend. They will be hungry, tired, scared, persecuted. And they will be derided, scourged, thrown in prison, beaten, tortured, giving of their bodies to the point of death.


Pray the Lord of the harvest…

We can respond and go ourselves as He calls and we can choose to face these trials for the cross, to win the militant lost, to prove the superior worth of our Lord, to cry out with our own bodies and lives the ultimate joy of knowing Him! And such may be some of you.


But that is not the question the Mighty One has for us this day.

The question today is, “will you parent the remnant?” Will you sacrifice your sons and daughters to usher in the persecution by sending them to live and suffer