Overcoming your mistakes as a dad: 5 key steps

“Man, I’ve really messed up. What’s wrong with me?! Why can’t I control myself? How come I keep making the same mistake?!” Do you recognize that voice? Any chance it could be your own?


I heard that persistent voice every time I messed up as a dad. No matter how big or small, I lived in condemnation. I wanted to be a great dad and loving husband. I also wanted to create a thriving family built on a foundation of faith and love. If you’re reading this post, I imagine you have similar goals.


But as the persistent voice kept telling me—I was falling short. Repeatedly. Having accepted Christ when I was 17, I knew His grace and mercy. I also fully accepted and received forgiveness…intellectually. Emotionally, I struggled to forgive my failures as a dad. Here’s why.


5 questions


I had a huge wound because of my own dad, and I was determined to change it for my family. Deep in my soul, being a dad was the one thing I wanted to succeed at more than anything. Every time I failed, I felt the weight of my past hurt overshadowing my desire for change. And it was destroying my ability to fully engage as a dad.


If you struggle with similar pain from your past and desire to change, then read on to learn 5 keys to let go of your mistakes, and walk forward into freedom every day.


#1 Recognize your own internal voice

How do you speak to yourself? If it’s like the opening of this post, you’re keeping yourself trapped. To move toward freedom and forgiveness, you must change your internal voice.


If Jesus was sitting and talking with you, what would He say? Imagine the tone of voice, body language, and heart behind His words. Can you picture the depth of love, admiration, and respect c