As we watch yet another wave of active shooter attacks, most recently in El Paso and Dayton, Oprah was asked what she thought. Let’s look at what she had to say. And allow me to add some thoughts.

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We’re missing something

I agree with Fox & Friends and Oprah here. We’re missing something. The shootings are happening more and more. I remember the Columbine High School shooting happening when I was a senior in High School. Twenty years ago, I still remember some of the names from the students affected. Mostly because it was an unheard of thing at that time. Years later now, it’s common place for my kids to hear about these shootings. How and why do these types of shootings continue to happen?

What Oprah said

When Oprah was asked recently asked about the shootings, she said,

“I think what people are missing is a core moral center. Churches used to do that. It was a central place you could come to. And there was a core center of values. About a way of living and a way of being in the world. So, until we can return to that—however that is in whatever form—we will continue to be lost.”

Oprah continued,

“That’s why I believe storytelling is a form of a new religion. It’s a place where people can gather and be inspired and see themselves get filled.”

Okay, let’s unpack what Oprah said because there’s some truth to be gleaned. And, there’s some telling bits about culture and our drift as a society. Allow me to pull out a few phrases from Oprah and add my own commentary for a moment.

Oprah: “people missing a core moral center”

I agree. We are missing our core moral center. As long as we live, every generation will have it’s THINGS that seem worse than the previous generations. But let’s agree that, generally, folks are missing a core moral center. I’d clarify: our problem is our lack of relationship to God. One click deeper, our problem is us fathers and our lack of relationship to God, the Father. Moving on…

Oprah: “Churches used to do that”