Dads call, email and comment wondering how to connect and start leading their family ALL THE TIME. But here’s the thing: don’t overcomplicate things. Sometimes, it might just be a simple night of saying, “Hey, I heard from Ryan Sanders there’s this movie called Overcomer we should see. Let’s go see it.”

Okay, maybe don’t invoke my name. That’ll start a whole different line of questions like “Who the heck is Ryan? Did he replace Siskel or Ebert?” Wait, who’s Siskel and Ebert? Never mind.

Here’s my point: for the dads wondering what they should do to connect and start leading—or for the dads always looking for more ideas for leading well—this is one of those chances. Don’t pass it up, brother.

The movie comes out August 23rd. Mark your calendar and be ready to take your family to see it. I promise it’ll start some talks you’ll want to have with your family.

Learn more about the film and where you can find a theater in this post.

About Overcomer

You probably know The Kendrick Brothers from Courageous, Fireproof and War Room. Overcomer stars Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer and Aryn Wright-Thompson.

I’ll tell you more about the powerful themes in the film related to identity, worth and fatherhood in my next post. For now, don’t miss the trailer and find a theater near you.

Did you see the Overcomer trailer?

It’s tough to find a family movie in theaters these days. But, when OVERCOMER opens August 23, you will experience a family film that not only is fun—but also inspiring. The newest movie from the Kendrick Brothers, dares to leave you filled with hope, inspired to dream, and asks the question: what do you allow to define you? If you have trouble viewing the video below, visit here to watch.



Find a theater

You can visit HERE to learn more and find a theater in your area. Plan on taking your family to see this movie. You won’t regret it.


Don’t forget: snag your free resource

“When you find your identity in the One who created you, it will change your whole perspective.” That powerful truth sets the course for OVERCOMER. And no matter your age—or the age of your children—the message will hit home.

Check out the Parent Guide and other helpful (and free) resources available at that will get your kids talking about the importance of identity—especially your chid’s identity in Christ.

With specific call-outs for kids in elementary, middle and high school, this guide helps you understand the unique challenges children face related to their identity.

On the drive home, talk about themes from the film. And, please, explain to your kids about Siskel and Ebert. : )