If I know one thing from my experience as a dad, I know this: If you’re trying to be intentional, you’re going to face obstacles. As a Christian father, understand there’s a vein of comfort and complacency running through most of these obstacles that we must identify and destroy. In this installment of Identify and Destroy we will be looking at the delegation obstacle and how it affects us as godly dads.

Does one of these obstacles sound like you?

  1. The Ignorance Obstacle > “I didn’t know it was my job.”
  2. The Inertia Obstacle > “I don’t know where to start.”
  3. The Delegation Obstacle > “I’ll let someone else do it.”
  4. The Guilt Obstacle > “Who am I to talk?”
  5. The Procrastination Obstacle > “I’ve got plenty of time.”
  6. The Despair Obstacle > “My kid’s too far gone.”

We’ve talked about The Ignorance Obstacle and The Inertia Obstacle. Now, let’s talk about The Delegation Obstacle. In this post, we’ll cover how it sounds, how it interferes, how to remove it and how Scripture can help us overcome it.

How the Obstacle Sounds

The delegation obstacle sounds like this: “I’ll let someone else do it.”

How the Obstacle Interferes

There are two types of people we try to put in the discipleship driver’s seat:

  1. Our Spouses: We let our wife do everything. We figure, since she knows more, grew up in the church, or just because she has more time with the kids, she can run point. This approach works deceptively well when the kids are under 10 years old. But, the early fruit of a mom-led-well-behaved child can feed a father’s complacency.
  2. The Professionals: We expect the Christian school teacher, youth pastor or camp counselor to guide our child spiritually. We think these “professionals” have training and expertise that somehow trumps our God-given assignment.

As with