As fathers, we hold a special responsibility to lead our kids. It’s our calling to lead well. Our words and actions carry weight. So, what are things godly fathers say to their children? In this post, we take a look into what God said to his own son, Jesus. The words God says are the words every kid longs to hear from their dad. What are those words? Let’s dig in.


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Things godly fathers say to their children

John looked at Jesus as if he were joking. Droves of people had found their way out to the wilderness to hear John’s teaching and many of them were baptized by him, So much so that he was gaining a reputation as the Baptizer. But Jesus was different. John knew who Jesus was. Who he really was. “I am the one who needs to be baptized by you,” he tried to talk Jesus out of it, “so why are you coming to me.” After some gentle nudging from Jesus, John surrendered and baptized the Son of God.




As Jesus rose from the waters, God the Father did something that is rarely recorded in scripture, He spoke audibly to the huddled masses for all to hear. And this is what He said:


“This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.” Matthew 3:17 NLT


As fathers, we need to take special note of what God said here because they are the very words that every kid longs to hear from their dad. Seeking how to be a godly dad, we understand that a father’s words carry weight so let’s all learn from this example because in this simple statement, God speaks three vital truths:


1. The godly father says: “You are mine.”

God tells Jesus whose he is and who he belongs to. Jesus is claimed. In front of the great crowds that ha