Next month, I will celebrate 14 years of marriage. In this time, I’ve managed to learn three things. Well, kind of. In writing this post I’ve considered the mistakes that damage my marriage and role as a father, and know that when I avoid them, I feel like I’m winning. If I get these things right, I’m enjoying life instead of feeling like life is happening to me.

Let’s talk about three mistakes that are sabotaging your evening, and ultimately, could be causing your marital problems.

As you read, hear one thing: I’m in the trenches with you. My kids may be different ages than yours, but the struggles are the same. These are the three mistakes that are cause for your marital problems and will ultimately damage your marriage and role as a father:

#1 > Not creating a buffer between work and home.

#2 > Not unplugging and living in the moment.

#3 > Not closing the night strong.


Marital problems mistake #1 > Not creating a buffer between work and home.

Whether you work from home or have a long commute, the idea here is to disconnect from work and prepare your mind—not for being finished with work—but to start your next job—as a husband and father.

If you work from home, try taking a quick walk outside. Anything that can turn off your work to-do list is good. The good father knows this

Otherwise, you could sit at home, be home with your family, but never actually stop working.