September is almost over. October is approaching. Here are three things to know right now—so we can help more dads. Please review each of the three things—and see whether you can get involved, share with a friend or let your pastor know about what we’re doing to engage more dads—and help them become the disciple-makers they’re intended to be. This is The Loop September 2019.

As you review The Loop September 2019, pray for these amazing opportunities. These are unique areas for you to help support the ministry.


#1 Save your seat! RSVP now for dinner on October 10th. 

Will you join us for this special dinner?

We hope you can join us for this special night. It’s a great chance to connect with other ministry-minded friends in the Louisville area. If you attend, you’ll learn about new resources to help church leaders engage dads. You’ll also hear about a brand-spanking new initiative for dads—to help them become better disciple makers in the home.

Keynote Speaker:
Brian Croft: Pastor, Author and Founder of Practical Shepherding

Where: Southern Seminary, Heritage Hall, Louisville, KY
When: Thursday October 10, 2019 from 6-8PM EST.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot when you click HERE.



#2 Wise Guys Masterclass is here: learn to find godly mentors—or be one yourself.


Wise Guys Masterclass will help you learn how to surround yourself with godly counsel so you can unlock your full potential. Here’s more about the new course—what you’ll learn and what’s included. Grab this course for yourself or share with a guy you know could use it. 

Wise Guys Masterclass
will help guys:

  • Get connected: Stop feeling disconnected or like you’re going it alone
  • Find wisdom: Overcome the common mistakes and expose lies in finding mentors
  • Grow deeper: Learn to ask and engage the men around you in meaningful way

What’s included in
the course?

18 training videos > Learn everything from:

  • how getting wisdom is not a suggestion—but a command
  • 5 mistakes you’re making in finding mentors
  • how wise guys A. S. K.
  • how to get wisdom from the guys around you.

We’ll cover all this in an easy-to-remember method we call A. S. K.

  • Accept your need and obey the command
  • Seek godly mentors
  • Keep strong relationships

3 downloadables > In addition to the videos, there are digital resources you’ll have access to immediately after purchasing:

  • 5 Mistakes You’re Making in Finding Mentors
  • Wise Guys Masterclass Mentoring Manifesto
  • Wise Guys A. S. K. for Counsel

See Wise Guys Masterclass to learn more.


#3 For Church Leaders: we’s helped hundreds of churches—can help you engage more dads.

As you know, we exist to help dads become disciple-makers in their homes. One great way to do that is for us to help church leaders engage dads. One of our new initiatives is to arm church leaders with tools and resources to better engage dads.

In case you’ve missed it: We created an easy-to-implement way to strengthen your dads by putting them into a discussion-based Bible study with their sons. Here’s three things to note for you—so you’re in THE LOOP. This new initiative to help church leaders engage dads is:

#1 Lay-led and dad-funded:
We want dads engaged, not just watching leaders talk. Our tools will help men gather, get rolling and have meaningful conversations. We even make deploying lay-leaders simple. And, it’s super affordable for each dad to participate. Easy on the leaders and the pocketbook.


#2 Runs with your existing schedule: You can create a whole separate day and time for this, but you don’t have to. This short-term father and son study can be bolted onto your existing weekday evening events or even as a short-run small group option. Get fathers more engaged with their sons without reinventing the wheel.


#3 6 sessions – you pick the timeframe: Some churches have used six weekly meetups to walk through one of our studies. Some have compressed it into a weekend campout. There’s some flexibility in how you launch, but the commitment is easy and brief for the dads: 6 sessions. Even super busy dads can commit to that.

Please be praying that we could help more churches and church leaders engage dads. Visit our page for Church Leaders to learn more.



Thank you for following our ministry updates in The Loop September 2019. Because of you, we’re able to serve dads in all of the ways you see in this post—from helpful tools, Bible studies, events and partnerships—maybe you noticed a way you can help us make more disciple-making dads? One great way is by going HERE and giving today.