Is May already over? Really? Whoa. Okay, well, no time to waste. Here’s your updates on all things related to the ministry of Manhood Journey for The Loop May 2018. We’ll give you the updates you need and along the way, let you know how you can being praying, connecting and giving to help the ministry help more dads. Let’s rock and roll.

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#1 Pray

Keep praying for Kent, the MJ Board, our ministry partners and me! Here’s some updates as well as some areas to keeping praying about:

  • MJ resources  > 
    • Combos and Bundles: You might recall last month I mentioned our launching several combos and bundles. Get all of our 1on1 Guides or all of our Group Guides or EVERYTHING in one bundle! We’ve sold a few of them—but wanted to be sure you are aware of them. 
    • The Connected Father June Partner Launch: Pray as we prep for the June launch of The Connected Father. Not only will we be launching this on Father’s Day, we’ll have some partners to join us. Lift MJ and our partners up as we seek to help more dads.
    • MJ Field Guides: We’ve found 10 amazing writers who have agreed to partner and write eBooks with us. So, instead of just this one eBook, which is an awesome eBook if you ask me, we’ll have 10 additional eBooks for you later this year. Remember the State of Biblical Fatherhood survey we conducted? These eBooks are being built to address these most-pressing topics in an experienced, practical and pastoral manner. Pray as we continue working with these guys—as they are all busy pastors and leaders of various ministries. I can’t wait to introduce you to these guys! But you’ll have to wait until later this year. Stay tuned! 

Heart of Womanhood > 

  • We’re starting to see a few users of the new mother-daughter resources! Be sure to check out the resources here and the blog posts from Kim here. Guys, share Heart of Womanhood with your wives and have them sign up for the blog posts! We’re just getting started—so keep praying for this new ministry launch as we press forward!


#2 Connect 

God continues to bless us with new partners. Here’s just a couple of May happenings:

Pure Freedom Ministry >

  • This ministry runs a father-son tour called Born to be Brave. Now, when you attend one of their events, you’ll see our father-son Bible studies. Kent recently traveled to Springfield, MO for one of these Born to Be Brave events with Bob Gresh. You know this happened—because there’s a pic to prove it!


See also this pic of Kent:


Kent, good look there brother. But, with your beautiful mane of hair compared to mine, you’ll need to ship the helmet to me! Ha! #bald : ) On to more updates…

Event Updates

Project: MANHOOD 2018 >

  • We have to thank all who attended, helped host and spoke at our big weekend retreat for dads and sons. Special thanks to the churches and speakers. Shout out to Highview Baptist, Third Avenue Baptist, and Southeast Christian—along with all of the other local churches who attended. Thanks to your giving and resource purchases which allow us to put on a retreat where we can host so many dads and sons. Here’s the recap post in case you missed it—check out the pics!

Here’s a few testimonies from dads who joined us—read and praise God with us! 

    • We could hardly be any closer, but after one of the talks my 12-year-old son leaned over and put his head on my shoulder and said “you love me so much”. The whole weekend was worth those few seconds. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • He (son) desires to learn about his spiritual gifts. This started us on a discipleship journey. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • We had a great bonding experience. On the way home we were only talking about paintball, then we started talking about what we heard from the speakers. My son brought up things I had forgot that the speakers talked about. It made me happy to know that he was listening, and something got through. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • The weekend was phenomenal and created a sense of teamwork between us. It was very important that we heard the teaching together and were challenged together to not go back to normal. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • It got the ball rolling on some discussions where I was struggling to otherwise start things like a devotional time with him. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • My son and I now plan to read through 1 and 2 Timothy together over the summer. —Project: MANHOOD Dad
    • Great mix of encouragement and challenges. Can’t wait to get the “Embarking 1 on 1″ with my boys. —Project: MANHOOD Dad

Kent’s out west > 

  • Kent speaks at a Crossroads Grace Community Church for their Men’s Retreat. Check out the site—cool, right? We’re pumped about the opportunity to pour into church leaders and talk all things mentoring related to Kent’s book Wise Guys. If you live in the Sacramento area, be sure to connect with Kent as he’ll be in your area June 1-2! 

American Heritage Girls Annual Leadership Convention > 

  • Kim Wigginton of Heart of Womanhood will be speaking at this event in June. Learn more about this great event here. We’re grateful for this partnership and l look forward to seeing what God does in the coming months for moms and daughters. 

The Connected Father June Partner Launch >  

We’re excited about all of the partnerships happening. Please consider connecting the MJ ministry with folks you know.

  • Has your pastor heard of Manhood Journey? 
  • How about your men’s ministry leader?
  • What about the dad who’d be helped by our resources?

Awesome, connect these guys with us! If a dad needs our resources, share the link to the free eBook or the free sample of our Embarking 1 on 1 Guide.


#3 Give 

We’re looking for more monthly funders. Please pray about helping us reach more dads and connect us with others who would be open to giving financially.


We’re grateful for your time in following the May ministry updates. Together, let’s help more dads build godly men. 




RyanHeadshot150Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. He is married to Tonia and they have three children. Also, he serves at McLean Bible Church as a Lay Pastor, lives in Washington, DC and is a diehard Redskins fan. Learn about Ryan here and find him on Twitter @RyanSanders.