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This special edition is for Project: MANHOOD. We’ll cover:

  1. Project: MANHOOD > By the Numbers
  2. Recap of Project: MANHOOD
  3. Pictures from Project: MANHOOD
  4. Prayer Points

Project: MANHOOD > By the Numbers

  • 177 > Total number of dads and sons in attendance
  • 24 > Dads and sons came from 24 different churches
  • 6 > fantastic speakers talked about six helpful topics
  • Dads and sons came from as far as San Antonio, TX and Midland, GA to attend.
  • Here’s what two dads who attended said:
    • “I came in as a sponge. I wanted to absorb everything. Get closer to my son. I thought it was a really great, dedicated time to spend with him.” —Mike
    • “I really enjoyed being able to spend time with the other dads…their sons and my son being able to interact and come alongside each other.” —James  

Project: MANHOOD > Recap

Allow me to share how the incredible speakers encouraged and challenged dads and sons:

1. Relationships > Iron sharpens iron > 

Dr. Kevin Jones, Associate Dean at Boyce College, spoke about the importance of our relationships. I was reminded of how crucial it is to have guys sharpen me. And that I invest time to sharpen others. As dads, we need to seek out guys who will ask us, “When’s the last time you dated your wife?”

2. Wisdom > The importance of studying and learning as men >

Aaron Harvie, Senior Pastor at Highview Baptist Church, discussed how we must continually be growing in knowledge. Aaron reminded dads and sons that we all have 18 years from birth to age 18 to train so we are ready for what may come.

3. Service > Service takes putting yourself aside.

Lachlan Coffey, Pastor at Sojourn Community Church, challenged dads to serve others from where they are. We don’t have to wait for a proper time to serve. We can serve right now.

4. Prayer > Prayer is vital and needs to be constant >

Dan Dumas, Senior Vice President at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, taught dads and sons about prayer. Two quotes Dan mentioned stood out to me, “If you want to be a great man, start by being a great boy” and “Men who are intentional about fathering, are fathers who pray.”

5. Purity > We must run from evil desires >

Jon McCallon, Middle School Pastor at Southeast Christian Church, challenged all of the sons to run away from evil desires and run to God. McCallon helped us consider the seriousness of guarding our eyes and walking as dads with our sons in doing the same.

I know we would all agree that setting aside intentional time with our sons is vital. But do we actually do it? This weekend was a time for intentional time to actually happen.

After seeing dads and sons enjoy the above messages, meals, and activities this weekend, I was grateful to have a front-row seat to intentional fatherhood.

As I reflect on the weekend, I’m inspired by Project: MANHOOD. I can’t wait to see where Manhood Journey goes from here. I can imagine generations of sons raised by godly men and equipped to live as a godly men.


Project: MANHOOD > In Pictures

Prayer Points

Join us in praying about the following topics:

  • Future Project:MANHOOD retreats. This weekend was a big success. Help us be wise as we look at future decisions for Louisville and additional cities. Nashville, we’re looking at you!
  • Our new partnerships we continue to build – that we’d serve them well and create great value for all involved.
  • That we’d hit our fundraising targets and continue adding monthly donors.
  • For continued wisdom in moving Heart of Womanhood forward, our new companion studies focused on mothers & daughters. Stay tuned for more in the coming months.


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