The Loop is your inside track on what’s happening at Manhood Journey (MJ). In this installment of The Loop March 2018, we’ll loop back through the month to see all that God has been doing. Let’s go!

Here are three updates you should know from March. Here we go.


#1 Project: MANHOOD 2018 Louisville > Early bird deadline is Saturday, March 31st.


Have you registered for our father-son retreat yet? What are you waiting for?


Register before Saturday, March 31st to receive the 10% discount. For some readers, this may mean the difference between sleeping on the ground or a bed, just sayin.  : )


Project: MANHOOD is May 18th at 5pm through May 19th at 5pm at Country Lake Retreat Center. 


We’ll host dads and sons for 24 hours of camping, hiking, fire, great speakers, zip line, food and much much more.


We’ll talk more about this epic event in the coming weeks, but if you wan’t the Early Bird Discount, grab it now, because after March 31st, the same retreat costs 10% more.


#2 Feedback from MJ fans.

After recently releasing our 7 Sins of a Disengaged Dad eBook. We’ve been blessed to hear great feedback from folks. Thank you for all of the great feedback. It’s encouraging to hear God using it. Here’s a couple testimonies we from my new favorite people! : )


“Thank you for the post about disengag