Manhood Journey: home to biblical resources for dads

Let’s face it, there’s not a ton of places you can go for biblical resources for dads. We’re glad you found us.

So, whether you’re leading yourself, your son or a small group of dads and sons, we come alongside you and basically make leading conversations a piece of cake.

From our eBooks and Field Guides, to our digital course and our easy-to-use 1-on-1 and Group Discussion Guides, we have the biblical resources you need to become the disciple-making dad God created you to be.

Here’s what you’ll find in each of our product categories: 

Field Guides

Feel overwhelmed—or worse—like a failure? Welcome to the Field Guides for dads. The Field Guides for dads help you overcome your top challenges—everything from overcoming past mistakes to dealing rightly with anger and having enough energy to thrive at work and home. We took the top-10 issues you said you faced, grab an expert ministry leader and dad and then wrote practical tools to help you address the issues.

Digital Course

Chocked full of videos, podcasts, teaching tips and tools, The Connected Father digital course is what you need to help you lead well. Lead so well that you learn to communicate and teach your children with no regrets.

1-on-1 Guides

You’d like to be more intentional with a young man in your life – maybe your own son. You just need a place to start. Our 1 on 1 Discussion Guides are a perfect fit. These help you generate fun conversations on interesting topics from a biblical perspective. You bring the willingness to lead, we’ll give you some help.

Group Guides<