In case you weren’t able to attend our big father-son retreat this past weekend, this is your must-see recap. In this post, we’ll cover the numbers, what dads had to say, highlight our speakers one more time, show you some pics from the weekend and ask you to pray for all who joined us. Here is your Project Manhood 2018 recap.

Project: MANHOOD > By the Numbers

  • 165 > Total number of dads and sons in attendance
  • 30+ > Dads and sons came from 30+ churches or campuses
  • 5 > Fantastic speakers discussed five helpful topics

What dads had to say about the weekend

Check out what some of the dads who attended had to say about this event:

  • My son desires to learn about his spiritual gifts. This started us on a discipleship journey.
  • We had a great bonding experience. On the way home we were only talking about paintball, then we started talking about what we heard from the speakers. My son brought up things I had forgot that the speakers talked about. It made me happy to know that he was listening, and something got through.
  • We could hardly be any closer, but after one of the talks my 12-year-old son leaned over and put his head on my shoulder and said “you love me so much”. The whole weekend was worth those few seconds.
  • The weekend was phenomenal and created a sense of teamwork between us. It was very important that we heard the teaching together and were challenged together to not go back to normal.
  • We talked a little more and it allowed me to further disciple my son and see the importance of becoming a Christian and following Jesus.
  • It got the ball rolling on some discussions where I was struggling to otherwise start things like a devotional time with him.
  • My son and I plan to read through 1 and 2 Timothy together over the summer.
  • Great mix of encouragement and challenges. Can’t wait to get the “Embarking 1 on 1″ with my boys.

Thank you to our great speakers

We want to thank our speakers who encouraged and challenged us over the weekend. I want to highlight each of them one more time here on the blog. These guys were awesome to join us and commit to our mission of pouring into dads and sons. I want to give these guys their due — review their pics and pray for them as they continue serving in their roles as pastors and leaders.



Ronnie Cordrey, Men’s Minister

Southeast Christian Church




Dr. Kevin Jones, Associate Dean

Boyce College




Scott Long, Discipleship Pastor

Highview Baptist Church




Aaron Harvie, Senior Pastor

Highview Baptist Church




Greg Gilbert, Pastor

Third Avenue Baptist Church


Imagine an auditorium full of dads and sons being encouraged and challenged to biblical manhood with the messages from these guys. We can help dads build godly men. These guys are the examples—they did this very thing over the weekend.


Project: MANHOOD > In Pictures

Scroll through these pics and see God at work. You’ll notice dads and sons having fun, praying and hearing God’s Word together. And these pics don’t include any of the zipline, paintball or axe throwing! View a few more from dads on instagram #ProjectManhood.














Thank you for a great father-son retreat

A big thanks to all of you who attended this year! Thank you dad and son for joining us, to our amazing speakers for investing in the dads and sons. And, thank you to Country Lake staff for hosting us so well!


What now? Pray for these dads and sons

At the close of this weekend, we encouraged and challenged dads to take the next step after this great weekend. What step? We asked dads who attended Project: MANHOOD 2018 to pick one of three things: 


#1 Grow as a father: Become a dad who leads with no regrets.

#2 Disciple a young man: Connect with your son through 1on1 study.

#3 Lead a small group: Start a small group with other dads and sons.


Lift these guys up as you think of them and pray they would continue what was started this weekend and be dads who build godly men.







Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have three children. He serves at McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC as a Lay Pastor and is a diehard Redskins fan. Learn more about Ryan here and follow him on Twitter @RyanSanders.