This is it. Your last chance to register for Project Manhood 2019. There are awesome weekends in this world—Derby weekend—Masters weekend. Well, I have another weekend for you—Project Manhood weekend.


I love The Master’s. In fact, I have pictures of me making my kids sit on my lap and watch The Masters golf tournament—from the sofa—on TV! : ) While I’ve never been to the actual tournament, I look back on these weekends (and the silly pics) and laugh. Masters weekend is an important one for me. It conjures up home for me. It makes me think of my dad watching me hit a golf ball around the yard on that famous Sunday.


Here’s the deal: As important as I think Masters weekend is—this is more important.


Imagine you and your son enjoying an unforgettable weekend together. Filled with fellowship, worship, great food, tons of fun stuff to do and great speakers ready to pour into you both. I promise, you will look back on this weekend with great emotion.


Project Manhood is that vital weekend. It’s coming up. If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time. Read this post to make the final call. Here’s everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about Project Manhood 2019


The following list is every post we’ve written leading up to this great event. If you’re still on the fence about attending, don’t be! Let these posts guide you to register!


Or, just watch this video from our fearless founder, Kent Evans, where he points out the importance of time with your son.


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Question #1 > Project: MANHOOD 2019 > What it is Project Manhood 2019? [Video]
This post is exactly what it says it is! The what behind why you should attend. The coolest part about this post isn’t just what I tell you about the retreat—but the video trailer with clips from last year! You’ll get a good taste of what’s to come this year!

Question #2 > Project: MANHOOD 2019 > Where can you sleep?

In this post, we carefully review your three sleeping options. Kind of important stuff here, if you ask me. Your son will care NOT about this post!

Question #3 > Who’s speaking Project: MANHOOD 2019

I’m nothing if not descriptive with my blog post titles! This is your rundown of everything you need to know about the speakers we have joining us this year. Learn all about them before you attend so you can mess with them. Especially Pastor Aaron Harvie, Philly sports? Come on! Hail to the Redskins! : )

Question #4 > What activities can you do at Project Manhood 2019?

In case you missed it, this post covers a bunch of the fun stuff you can to while at Project Manhood. Country Lake is a beautiful place and there’s no shortage of fun things to do with your son. Check out the list in the post above—then register!

Question #5 > Your most pressing questions for Project: MANHOOD 2019 answered

Imagine any question you can think of. Now, read this post and see if I don’t answer it. This is truly the catch-all post for all of your questions. Is food covered? What age is too young for my son to attend? What’s Kent’s favorite color? You’re welcome. Well, except for that last one. I don’t know Kent’s favorite color. I should, I guess. But I don’t. That’s not something that pertains in any way to this retreat. So, to you, I’d say, ask better questions. The best questions are answered here.

If you’re still not convinced this weekend will be awesome, watch this video and let Kent tell you a story:



Event details

      • What > Project: MANHOOD > the father and son retreat for building godly men.
      • When > Friday, May 17th at 5pm through Saturday, May 18th at 5pm
      • Where > Country Lake Retreat Center, Underwood, Indiana
      • How > Learn more and register at Project: MANHOOD