Project: MANHOOD 2018 is fast approaching and we want this year to be the year you connect with your son. Last year we had 186 dads and sons. Can we get 300 this year? How cool would it be to see dads and sons having fun, being encouraged and being challenged to be godly men? Read on to hear about our Project Manhood giveaway!


That said, we’re sweetening the pot. This isn’t the last chance to register. But, it’s is the only time we’ll offer this free gift with registration. Want to see what could be yours? Open this email, find out and then register by MIDNIGHT MAY 9TH. What about dads who’ve already registered? Don’t worry, you’re good. We aren’t leaving you out! You can read this post to see what we’re giving you—and all folks—who register by the 9th.


Oh, and for you folks not local enough to make the trip to Country Lake, we have an offer for you as well. Keep reading. 


Everyone who registers for Project: MANHOOD 2018 by midnight May 9th gets a free, autographed copy of Wise Guys.


For every dad who’s already registered, and every dad who registers before midnight May 9th,  we’re giving you a free, autographed copy of Wise Guys. Bam, you’re welcome. Yes, you read that correctly. We aren’t leaving out the dads who’ve already registered. 


Now, what about the dads who can’t make it to Project: MANHOOD?

Fine, we don’t want you feeling left out. So, for the first ten (10) dads who email me the receipt from your buying Wise Guys on Amazon, we’ll give you it for free. (How? Just email me the receipt, we’ll send you back an amazon gift card to cover it.)



Why Wise Guys? 

Great question, let me tell you. 


#1 Because, Kent Evans. 

Look, Kent Evans—the man, the myth, the legend wrote it—so you know it’s good. The man doesn’t write junk. Well, there was that one blog post—but no one’s perfect! Seriously, to know Kent is to know he lives and breathes the art of seeking wisdom. He’s an expert at seeking out wise guys and then asking great questions to not only create meaningful dialogue and connection, but to learn from their collected wisdom.


#2 Because, look what’s inside Wise Guys.

Before you can be the best dad ever—which I know you’re all shooting for—you’re gonna want to learn from others around you. You need to be teachable—above everything else. Seeking and finding wisdom is an art and a science. Kent dives in with stories, strategies and questions to make you think about how you can apply everything you read in the book. This book will reshape how you view mentoring and seeking wise counsel. It will reshape how you view your personal relationships. In short, it will change your life. 


So what?  Well, you want your kids to hang around great people, right? Are you hanging around great people? Are you modeling the behavior you want to see in your son? Wise Guys is about learning how to get around other wise guys. Then, you can say to your son, “do as I do” not just “do as I say.” Heck, after you’re done reading it, give it to your son. Why not develop that find-wise-guys muscle in your son early on?  


#3 Because, look who endorses Wise Guys.

Wise Guys has been blessed with a ton of great endorsements. Here are just a few—to give you an idea:

“Wise Guys is a careful and clear treatment of the role godly counselors play in the lives of Christians. For those who want to grow in maturity and wisdom, Evans’ book deserves careful consideration.” —R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“As you read this book, Kent Evans will take you on a journey. You’ll learn what is required to become more the man God has called you to be. This book is going to get in your head and give you a brand new mindset.” —Kyle Idleman, Teaching Pastor of Southeast Christian Church and New York Times Bestselling Author of Not a Fan

“I’ve always defined true ministry as the process of walking through something with God and then being vulnerable enough to turn around and walk someone else through, too. Kent’s infectious passion to develop Christ-like men is evident in his writing and you will be both challenged and inspired by this collection of characteristic profiles of men who have gone before to show the way. Bravo, Kent. You are walking us through.” —Mark Hancock, award-winning writer and Chief Executive Officer of Trail Life USA


Register for Project: MANHOOD by MAY 9TH to get your autographed copy of Wise Guys.


Not sure Wise Guys is for you? It is! Check out the Wise Guys SampleThen, carve out 24 hours on May 18-19th at Country Lake Retreat Center to connect with your son like never before. Here are the details: 

      • What > Project: MANHOOD > the father and son retreat for building godly men.
      • When > Friday, May 18th at 5pm through Saturday, May 19th at 5pm
      • Where > Country Lake Retreat Center, Underwood, Indiana
      • How > Learn more and register at Project: MANHOOD






Ryan Sanders is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. Ryan is married to Tonia and they have three children. He serves at McLean Bible Church as a Lay Pastor and lives in Washington, D.C. Learn more about Ryan here and find him on Twitter @RyanSanders.