If you weren’t able to attend our big father-son retreat this past weekend, this is your must-see Project Manhood 2019 recap. In this post, we’ll cover the numbers, what dads had to say, highlight our speakers one more time, show you some pics from the weekend and ask you to pray for all who joined us.

5 questions

Project Manhood > By the Numbers

  • 135 > Number of dads and sons who joined us
  • 25+ > Dads and sons attended from 25+ churches and campuses
  • 6 > Fantastic speakers on helpful topics like courage to pray, serve and change

What one dad had to say

It was encouraging to hear from dads at this retreat. Both from how they found out about Manhood Journey and the event to how much dads and sons enjoyed this great weekend.


Check out what one dad who attended had to say:

  • “Thanks for having such a great event. I really connected with my son.  It was fantastic.” —Michael

Project Manhood 2019 In Pictures

Scroll through these pics and see God at work. You’ll notice dads and sons having fun, praying and hearing God’s Word together. What a blast!



 A son taking notes from speaker session in his Manhood Journey notebook.


Kent kicking things off and pointing out the rules!


Dad with axe—throwing it. : )


 Pano pic of a session. Great to see so many dads & sons connecting over God’s Word.


 Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA speaking to dads & sons in his session on the Courage to Stand in today’s culture.


For each speaker session, we hand-selected a dad-son pair to win the chance to sit and listen to the speaker from the VIP section. #BearSkinRug


Dr. Jones with his son and a friend at the step and repeat! #vikings #courage

Justin Mason and son

 Justin Mason and his son at the photo booth!


Dad shot with a paintball. Must’ve been his own son. : )


 Dads. Sons. Connection. Praise God.


 We had tons of volunteers this year for sports like soccer, ultimate frisbee and many other things. Thank God for helpers!


Every little shield you see represents one thing a dad and one thing a son wanted to have the courage to change. Then dads prayed for sons and sons prayed for dads. Such a touching time of connection with dads and sons.

Thank you to our great speakers

We want to thank our speakers who encouraged and challenged us over the weekend. I want to highlight each of them one more time here on the blog. These guys were awesome to take their weekend and join us—committing to the mission of pouring into dads and sons. I want to give these guys their due — review their pics and pray for them as they continue serving in their roles as pastors and leaders.



Mark Hancock, CEO,
Trail Life USA

Find Mark’s ministry at Trail Life USA and follow him on twitter here.




Aaron Harvie, Senior Pastor, Highview

Find Aaron’s church at Highview and follow him on twitter.





Nyke Gatlin, Regional Pastor, McLean Bible

Nyke’s church is McLean Bible and you can find him on facebook.




Scott Long, Discipleship Pastor, Highview Baptist

Scott is at Highview Baptist and you can follow him on twitter.




Kevin Jones, Ph.D.,
Kentucky State Univ.

Kevin serves at Kentucky State University and you can follow him on twitter.



Kent Evans, Exec Dir,
Manhood Journey

Kent is the co-founder of Manhood Journey. He is also the author of Wise Guys and find him on twitter.


Imagine an auditorium of dads and sons being encouraged and challenged to biblical manhood with the messages from these guys. We can help dads build godly men. These guys are the examples—they did this very thing over the weekend.


Thank you for another great father-son retreat

Thank  you to all of you who attended this year! To the dads and sons for joining us – thank you. Thank you to our amazing speakers for investing your time. And, thank you to Country Lake leadership and staff for hosting us so well!


What now? Pray for these dads and sons

At the close of this weekend, we challenged dads to take the next step after this great weekend. What step? We asked dads who attended Project: MANHOOD 2019 to pick one of three things: 


1. Grow as a dad: Become a confident dad who overcomes the top 10 struggles most dads face with our Field Guides for dads or The Connected Father Digital Course.

2. Disciple a young man: Connect with your son through 1on1 Bible study

3. Lead a small group: Start a small group with other dads and sons.


Lift these guys up as you think of them and pray they would continue what was started this weekend and be dads who build godly men.






About the author: Ryan J. Sanders, M. Div.

RyanHeadshot150.pngRyan is the Director of Outreach at Manhood Journey. He is married to Tonia and they have three children. He has a Master of Divinity from The Southern Seminary and is a Fellow at The Colson Center. Ryan serves as Lay Pastor at McLean Bible Church in Washington, DC and is a diehard Redskins fan. He is the author of 7 Sins of a Disengaged Dad and general editor of the Field Guides for dads. Learn more about him here and follow @RyanSanders.