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A key resource we have developed for Group Leaders as well as Pastors/Men’s Ministry leaders is the Guide Map. We think it might be the world’s first “maprochure” that can both promote groups by serving as an informative communication tool (on the brochure side) but also can help group leaders shepherd their guys and progressively select the guides they wish to cover (on the map side).

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Brochure Side

This handy tool outlines all the key information about the Manhood Journey program:

  • Explains the basics of the program
  • Provides a brief synopsis for all of the Manhood Journey Guides
  • Highlights 6 key steps to getting started
  • Shares a sneak peek of the Leader Survival Guide

Map Side

This is not just a cool-looking, young-man-friendly visual for describing the guides, but it also serves as a key tool for the Group Leader. The idea behind Manhood Journey is that a group would meet, go through a guide, then, after a short break, reconvene to cover another guide. This reconvening model is essential for transformation and discipleship to occur.

So, the Group Leader, at the end of any given Guide (week six), would pull out this map – spread it on his kitchen table – then, ask the young men and fathers to discuss and select their next guide. By doing this in a visual and interactive manner, it increases engagement for all the group members and makes it fun.

The map is a key tool that can be used to ensure groups continue their journey together!

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