Got questions?

Maybe they’re like the ones below. We get these all the time. If they don’t quite give you what you need, contact us.

You have a couple of options. First, you could LEAD a group in your home. Second, you could JOIN a group that is meeting nearby. Since we are a small ministry of volunteers, we don’t yet have the Manhood Journey Group Mobile App that allows you to walk around using your phone like a metal detector to find nearby groups (how cool would that be?). So, for now, if you want to JOIN an existing group, reach out to us and we will try to connect you. If you want to LEAD a group, check out our Get Started page for some helpful resources.

As we grow, we will add more and more training resources online. The goal is to make Manhood Journey almost entirely “self service” in this regard. For example, the vast majority of issues you will need to tackle are addressed in the Leader Survival Guide.

(insert thorny theological issue here)? Check out our statement of faith. We seek to be deeply Biblical in our approach but “church doctrine” light. The idea behind these groups is not that we debate issues of interpretation or doctrine. We want to create dialogue between fathers and sons on topics found in scripture. Hopefully, you will find that our modules, website and literature are broad enough to work within any Christ-centered denominational context.

We bet you can! We are not looking for “fatherhood experts” as group leaders. We are hopeful that caring, intentional dads and mentors will rise up and volunteer to lead Manhood Journey groups. Step out on that ledge, you can do it! Plus: your wife really wants you to, so there’s that.

Getting started is completely FREE! You can download the Leader Survival Guide and the first six week study – the Embarking Module – at no cost whatsoever. The module you get is a full-length, six week study (not a sample). If the men and boys enjoy the discussion and dialogue, future modules can be purchased for a reasonable price (cheap!) from our online store.

Yes! You can order Maprochures in a handy 20-pack and use them to promote your group. Not sure what these are? Learn more about Maprochures.

Are you a pastor, Men’s Minister or in some role where you’d like to launch several Manhood Journey groups? Contact us to chat about how we can help. We can share some valuable lessons we have learned.