“That’s right you’re not from Texas. But, Texas wants you anyway…” or so says the Lyle Lovett song. Well, y’all, we’re going to be in Texas next month and we need your help, even if you’re not from Texas. Keep reading to hear how you can help us prepare for upcoming our Father On Purpose event.


Here are three ways you can help us with our fathers-only event called Father On Purpose that’s helping DFW dads build the next generation of godly men.


Father On Purpose > DALLAS is going to be an awesome night. We carved out three hours on Thursday, October 26, 2017 at Grace Prep Academy in Arlington, Texas.


Why am I telling you this? Because we’re five (5) weeks out from the event and need your help. Here are three ways you can help reach DFW dads:


1. Pray for Father On Purpose > DALLAS. 

Whether you register or share this event or not, please pray that DFW dads will see the importance of coming together for an event like this.


Here’s what I want you to pray for:

  • Pray for our speakers by name—David Murphy, Chris Harper and Kent Evans. Pray now. Stop reading this post and pray for these guys. Pray for their families, pray that God would protect their affections now and as they prepare in the coming days for this event. Pray nothing would get between them and God during this important time. Please God, protect them and bring them closer to you. Guide them. Help them understand your grace in their lives. May these men be faithful at home so when they stand to speak to the dads who’ll attend this event, they will be credible, faithful witnesses—not with wise words or because of their great works—but because they understand more than ever—Your work. Did you pray with me just now? Guys, please pray (and keep praying) for David, Chris and Kent as they prepare between now and this event.
  • Pray for the dads who will attend this event. We want the dad who attends this event to leave feeling confident he:
    • Has the skills to be the leader God wants him to be
    • Can communicate effectively with his kids
    • Has tools to manage work and home life better
    • Knows how to treat his wife with love
    • Has the tips and tools to disciple his kids well

2. Register for Father On Purpose > DALLAS.

This event is only happening one-night.  For one night and for half the price of a Rangers Boomstick Hotdog, you can conne