I know you. I talk to you everyday. You email, you post to social and some of you even call me. When I ask you, “What’s the single biggest challenge facing you right now?” And one big question is “how do I get my child to open up and talk to me?” You say things like:


  • “Connecting with my son on more than just video games.”
  • “Connecting with my teen in a busy world. Teaching the kids a biblical worldview without exasperating them.”
  • “Communication: aligning my intentions with my words and getting through to our child.”

But, one big question I hear from you is, “How do I get my child to open up and talk to me?”

I have you covered in this post. I have seven ideas for helping your child open up and talk to you. You can do this. We can help.


5 questions


#1 Be patient.

Unless you’re the perfect dad, building a relationship with you child takes time—way more than you think.
Connecting with your child is like working with a contractor (sorry contractors)—the job always takes twice as long and cost three times as much!
Maybe you already have a regular time of connection with your child. Awesome, the goal now is to intentionally disciple your child.
Now, if you’ve never done this type of thing with your son or it’s been a while, relax, work from the start to be transparent and open.
But understand, it’s going to take time. Be patient.

#2 Let the conversation roll.

Assuming you’re using one of our